antonio gades

I have always liked the work of Flamenco dancer Antonia Gades. Antonio was based in Spain but he was especially loved in Cuba, where they have a statue to commemorate him at Cathedral Square in Havana. I discovered the statue when I was in Cuba one reading week to relax and catch up with some reading; yes I read during reading week! I sat next to the statue of Antonio reading Pierre Bourdieu. I thought it so nice - Antonio's statue looks over a square filled with music and dance - he would have liked that square - and probably would have approved of me reading Bourdieu.

I often wonder whether they put Antonio's statue there because the square was already full of music and dance, or was it memories of Antonio that brought the music and dance to the square? I suspect the latter.

Antonio passed away of cancer in 2008. The video below shows some of his work.


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