I Cornelius

Well this afternoon I Cornelius beat the Carthaginians once again. It was a close run thing - but then again it was originally. The battle was at Zarma and I, taking the role of Roman General Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus, was outnumbered by Hannibal who had 45,000 infantry to my 34,000, but those are fairly good odds for Roman Legions who are quite used to fighting against larger forces. My 3000 Roman regular cavalry were matched at 3000 by Hannibal’s, but Hannibal also had 80 war elephants. I however, had an additional 6000 Numidian cavalry, who I had convinced to switch from the Carthaginian to Roman side. Hannibal had the advantages of fighting on Carthaginian home turf, but I got to choose exactly where the battle took place and used that to my advantage. Hannibal deployed his elephants at the center of his line so I decided to deploy light infantry at my center because they could dodge the elephants, but to be safe I held heavy infantry in reserve back from the center to fill any breach. I had cavalry off to the sides with which I tested the Carthaginian flanks. When their Hannibal's left flank began to crumble my Numidian cavalry off to my right side took quick advantage and attacked the rear, and the rest was history repeating itself. Thanks L for a great game! If you want to hear the history of this real historical moment, and you have fifteen minites or so to spare, listen to it here, and you will find it very similar to the way yesterday's game played out. Oh, and in case you are wondering, yes my name (middle name) really is "Cornelius!"

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