the roman forum

After yesterday’s post about Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus I just had to follow up with a shot from Rome – so here it is – the Roman Forum. I spent almost an entire day here when I visited Rome last year because there was so much to explore. In the very spot I stood when taking this photo, or close to it, Scipio would have made his arguments for the strategy that would end the Second Punic war in the battle depicted in yesterday’s post. Of course, in Scipio’s day, there was not all this broken marble laying around. In fact there was little marble at all because it was not until long after Scipio that the Emperor Augustus turned the city of brick into a city of marble. If you listened to the audio-podcast attached to yesterday’s post, however, you will know that it was the personality of Scipio, hero of the Roman Republic, that set the stage for the Roman Empire.

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