D300s weatherproofing

Yesterday at close of day
The D300s control screens all turned grey;
The camera had entered the dark night.

I did not know dark is right,
For after a little rain and forked lightning,
How could a Nikon could go into that good night?

This wild man who caught with no sun did not take flight,
Learned, too late, and grieved it on his way,
That Nikon did not get weather resistance quite right.

But then the control screen flickered ever so slight,
Yes a Nikon should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

This good man now crying about how bright
His frail deeds may not have destroyed the LED display,
Could it be that the Nikon will be allright?

The grave D300s, near death, was seeing with blinding sight
Sparks blazed on the back screen like meteors and be gay,
The Nikon was coming back from the blight.

Some full 12-hours after I thought it doomed,
The D300s came back to life no worse for wear
With all its functions now resumed.

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