reflections on the rain

So you may think me odd taking a DSLR out into the rain. But the D300s is supposed to be weather resistant and I also used a professional weather resistant lens. I thought the D300s would have been okay because although my previous D70s and D80 have both failed in damp conditions (and came back to life), they are not weather resistant and the D300 series is. My previous D300 never failed even though it has been out in some storms; so why would the D300s fail?

A wiser person would learn from this, but not me. What is the point of a camera unless you can take it out there in the elements and capture life itself? So expect me to continue pressing the D300s to its limits, and expect me to whine when I exceed them. Nevertheless, I hope you find that pictures like this one, taken in the rain, are well worth it.

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