three chefs

Last shot with the Canon 550D (for now). I ate in this restaurant, and after the three chefs were pleased to let me take their photo.

ladies of leshan

Another shot with the Canon 550D at a nighttime tea shop. Tea is taken seriously in China and the various packages of tea can be seen on the shelves in the background.

one night in leshan

So one night in Leshan I left my Nikon in the hotel and we went out for a walk in the evening. Problem is the walk was longer than expected and I was soon having withdrawal symptoms and just needed to take photos. Luckily my friend from Hong Kong had her Canon 550D with her and kindly leant it to me. This is one of the shots I took with it and I am really impressed. I hate to say it, but on these nighttime shots I got better results with the Canon 550D entry level DSLR than my semi-pro Nikon D300s. Daniel also had a Canon 550D on the trip and I was impressed with his too – especially the video capabilities. But don’t worry – I am not switching back to Canon – but I really did enjoy and appreciate borrowing the camera and will post a few more shots I took with it over the next few days. As for the location: Leshan is where the Dadu and Min rivers meet in Sichuan Province, China.


A shot through a round temple door to people chatting at the edge of the temple courtyard.

on guard at the night cafe

Children are often up late in China cities - I think this is nice because it means they are spending time with their parents. They of course get lots of sleep but just at a different time in the day.


I was walking down a busy Hong Kong street and on the sidewalk I saw these offerings with nothing else in site except buildings that were locked. So I took a picture of the offerings with people passing. When I got home, however, and looked at the picture, there were no people but these statues had appeared.

room with a view

The view from my friend's apartment in Hong Kong.

ying ying

Ying Ying as seen today.

mountain steps

A shot from Guilin, China.

the great incline

A shot from last year on the Great Wall of China.

terracotta warrior

One of Emperor Ying Zheng's Terracotta Warriors.

mt. emei

A wild monkey on the path to the summit of Mount Emei in China (the summit is about 10,000 ft).


Yet nother shot of R from my recent series.


The last one in the Auschwitz series for a while.

zyklon b

I have hesitated posting this picture for a long time because it is just too disturbing, but sometimes pictures need to disturb.