one night in leshan

So one night in Leshan I left my Nikon in the hotel and we went out for a walk in the evening. Problem is the walk was longer than expected and I was soon having withdrawal symptoms and just needed to take photos. Luckily my friend from Hong Kong had her Canon 550D with her and kindly leant it to me. This is one of the shots I took with it and I am really impressed. I hate to say it, but on these nighttime shots I got better results with the Canon 550D entry level DSLR than my semi-pro Nikon D300s. Daniel also had a Canon 550D on the trip and I was impressed with his too – especially the video capabilities. But don’t worry – I am not switching back to Canon – but I really did enjoy and appreciate borrowing the camera and will post a few more shots I took with it over the next few days. As for the location: Leshan is where the Dadu and Min rivers meet in Sichuan Province, China.

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