tim horton's

A break on this evening's bike ride.


Came across this in a cance in China.

here's looking at you kid

Sorry I have not posted for a few days. A friend e-mailed me to say that the monkey in the last post reminded her of me and it took me several days for me to get over it. I don’t think that monkey looked like me at all – I think this one does!

mountain monkey

As seen trekking in mountains in central China.

nikon girl

During my last trip to China I bumped into this person on a few occasions – it seems that we are taking separate but similar routes through the mountains that crossed on occasions. We of course talked about cameras and those in my group referred to her as “Nikon Girl.”


A monkey I met on a mountain in China.

jass without smoke

I looked through my photographs to see if there was one I could post that would be a fitting tribute to Herman Leonard. But there were none – of course there were none that could do his work justice – what was I thinking?

Never-the-less I offer this shot to Herman who passed away August 14, 2010. As a photographer he was famous for black and white smoky jazz club images. Check out his work here. Rest in peace Herman.

look grandma!

My young niece does acrobats in a pool for the benefit of worried grandma looking on.

green on green

Taken when cycling on the Burlington trails.

soldier of xian

Every face of the 8000 or so soldiers in the Terracotta Army is different. I heard that each face was based on the face of a real soldier in the army of the time. Hence this is a soldier from Xian - still standing guard some 2200 years on!

selfie request

So there I was tourig in China and this girl said to me,
“Would you take my picture?”
“Why sure” I replied and I took this shot.
“No silly,” she said, “with my camera.”
“Oh, um, okay” Now I get it.