nikon d3100

So busy with classes and grading over the past whilte no time to post. But I did get time to go pick up a Nikon D3100 body. No chance to do any serious testing yet – but I will soon, The intent is this will replace the D60 as a lightweight backup body to the D300s. The D3100 also has video capabilities (unline the D60) and these are supposed to be better even than the D300s video — we will see over the coming weeks if this is so.

hot wheels

My neighbours car! Which I sometimes get to drive!

moving day

Helped R and T move into their new house this weekend - and of course I took some photos.


A break from the Halloween photos to celebrate the 50th birthday of a neighbour and friend. In fact our entire street went to celebrate at the night club Berlin. I am not usually a nightclub kind of guy, but when it includes all the neighbors, it becomes my kind of thing - what a party!

halloween - chilean miners

33 Chilean miners showed up for the halloween party. No joke - these guys were for real - here are two of them chatting with Sherlock Holmes.

halloween - action hero

This guy made this halloween costume at home - nice!

halloween bar

A shot from my neighbour's bar at the halloween party.