civil war

Some civil war soldiers taken with the Nikon D3100. I have had the camera long enough now to know I like it. The big benefit is the small size compared to my Nikon D300s. The video has some better features than the D300s too. Likely I will use the D3100 a lot. What I notice though, is that the D300s does have the edge with image quality and also the D3100 pictures looking a little washed out, nothing that can’t be fixed in post processing though.


A shot of a lamppost offering support to the Steel Worker's strike. Given the ways protests have been dealt with in Canada recently, I would not be surprised if this lamppost is arrested


Another shot of the Hamilton lockout. Notice the van in the background - it is full of private security guards. Ordinarily when I take pictures of the steelworks gates the security guards come out to harass me. This time they did not, probably because there were a few dozen angry striking steelworkers standing behind me when I took this shot.

pensions & benifits

A sign outside a Hamilton Steelworks today where the Local 1005 of the United Steelworkers remain locked out by U.S. Steel since early November.

aisle 5

Airport parking at 2E aisle 5


So far the D3100 is testng well - intitial focus point tests are good. Here is a nighttime shot.

fence (test)

Still testing the Nikon D3100