no toffee nose history here (bm)

What I like about the British Museum (BM) is not just the quality of the exhibits, but that the entire building feels like an extension of the street – almost like bustling lively mall with a street-corner or market place feel. Unlike my local museum in Toronto, the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), with their highbrow attitudes, high prices and never-ending regulations about cameras, bags and food etc in the whisper quiet galleries, the BM has no fees, minimal regulations about bags, and if you forget lunch they will even sell you one to carry around and eat as you look at the busy exhibits! The BM attitude seems to be that museums are about “the history of the world,” so rich and poor alike should feel welcome and able to simply wander in and take a glimpse. Whereas the ROM attitude seems to be that its fees, regulations and silent galleries need to convey the feeling that museums are the exclusive preserve of the classes with the power to write history – or to use an old English historical term – a place for the “toffee nosed.”

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