looking up - again

Lately when I go to meetings in Toronto I always take a shot looking up – today was no different. You will notice I was using the Nikon D3100 again. More and more I find myself using this small entry level DSLR rather than my 3x more expensive Nikon D300s. I like the size of the D3100, the colours, and aside from not being quite as good at focusing and having less functions I think that the D3100 is a close match for my D300s. I had been thinking that when the D300s replacement comes out in a year or so I was going to trade the D300s in for that. But now I am having second thoughts – rumour has it that the Nikon D5000 (another entry level DSLR) is soon to be updated with a D5100 model like the D3100 but with an articulating screen at the back. I may well trade the Nikon D300s in for that! No more big expensive DSLRs, just a small entry level one that is compact and light to carry.

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