yet another long goodbye

D & F also on the way to HK, 3 flights in one week!

another long goodbye

Early this morning James heads out to Hong Kong.

check in

A shot from this weekend's Cathay Pacific checkin.

2e again

I started a tradition last year that each time I go to the airport to pick someone up or drop them off, I take a picture of the pillar in the parking lot and post it, like this shot here. But today as I was doing this, the person I was dropping off suggested I take her picture by the pillar. What a good idea! A new tradition starts.

breakfast cafe

Last week this is where I had breakfast every morning – with the rain and sometimes snow outside now I am back in Canada – I have to say that I miss it!

cuban wedding

Last weeks trip to Cuba was for R and D's wedding - on a beach - here is one of the photos.

shepherd girl

A shepherd girl looking over a wall at a mountaintop in Cuba.

for peter

I have been away for a week with the photoblog running on autopilot and I came back with nice happy photos to post, but today I post this one from my trip instead which I think conveys beauty and peace.

This shot is for a regular UK visitor of this blog P. Sadly P passed away yesterday age 81 years old. I met P when I was a teenager some 40-years ago and he has been a longtime friend, mentor and father figure to me, and he has been the same for many in my family too. P was a fellow photographer but most of all one of he was one of the kindest people I have ever known.

This shot is for you P, and even though you have left us, I am sure you will still see all the family photos photos from where you are…

they still bring flowers

People still lay flowers here, the very spot in the Roman Forum where Caesar was cremated.

unknown sculpture

Wish I could remember who this is, but I can’t, I took this shot in one of the Capitoline Museums in Rome.


The Giant Buddha in Leshan, China, built over 1000 years ago.


angels & demons

Still posting from the archive - I will have more shots soon - this is a shot from the Vatican.


I took this shot in a museum in Rome, so that makes this Venus; if she was shot in Greece she would be Aphrodite. In either place and by any name she wins similar admiration. A bit like that old saying about the rose I guess.


More pictures from the Italian series coming soon, but in the mean time, yesterday I got to take a picture in-between “field visits” I was doing in Hamilton. Here it is – the Maritime Trader. If you have been checking my blog for a while you know I like ships and sailing. This summer though, no sailing for me, having sold the boat I am back to being a landlubber who just dreams of the sea, and other places.

italian embrace

This is a shot from Italy taken a couple of years ago. I posted a similar shot some time ago but recently I have been so busy I have had no chance to get out and shoot. So the only thing to do it to look in the archives for moments I remember, and places that I hope someday to go back to.

april fools confession

As most of you have realized by now the last post was an April Fool’s day joke.

The moon picture was quite real though and I show the original photo above – it was taken a couple of weeks ago on a night with a particularly bright moon. The shot was handheld (no tripod) so I was quite pleased with the results. The weather balloon story and sending the Nikon into space though was pure fiction, and I photo shopped an earth picture in for effect, in the hope of making you all smile on April 1st.

D3100 experiment

Seeing though the Nikon D3100 is so light I had an idea. I brought a weather balloon and filled it with helium. I tied the camera to the balloon and then let it go into the air at night with a long string attached to the balloon. Once the balloon was as high as it would go, I used my Nikon wireless remote to fire off a few random shots. Most of the shots did not turn out but a few did, including this one. Nice eh!