camouflage & concealment

I remember the seven basic rules of camouflage and concealment from my Royal Marine Commando training; shape, shine, shadow, silhouette, surface, spacing, movement. When I was stalking around this pond looking to take photos of these frogs I noticed that they had learnt all the rules and were hard to spot, but this one moved so he was easy to see. "Hey frog you forgot the last rule, if were a Spetsnaz you would be dead now, and so would all your oppos too, you are not only letting yourself down you are letting all the other frogs down too! Swim around the pond five times and then give me 50 press-ups, of hop-ups, or whatever it is you frogs do…"

Hmm I suppose the “Spetsnaz” reference really dates my military training eh. I wonder what today’s sergeants shout at recruits who forget rules?

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