Friends and relatives in the UK said goodbye to P today. Although I could not be there my thoughts were with them.

I wondered whether or not to post a picture of P and in the end I did because when people leave us, we keep them alive through photos and stories, and by sharing such photos and stories they are never really gone. So here is a picture of P, not one of him in later years, but one of him in his younger years when I remember him the best. I took this photo of P exploring a deserted castle in Cornwall. We trekked all over Cornwall in those yesteryears, and as we did I never stopped smiling because P always had a funny story or a joke to tell. Consequently, even though it was a sad day today, I smiled about those good times, and about a great man who warmed our hearts and left us with fond memories.

Bye for now P, you will always be in our hearts, and I know you will still be checking my photo blog for sure :-)

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