thinking of james

I am posting a picture of James because he was hit by a car in Shenzhen that was going through a red light, but he is okay. Be careful James!


Coffee at my sister's in England - as drunk on my last trip there.

baishizhou sidewalk portrait 4

This lady was with the person in yesterday’s photo. I really do wish I could speak the language; it would make the rich experience of exploring Shenzhen so much richer.

baishizhou sidewalk portrait 3

I was exploring a backstreet when this guy, whose house and workplace open up onto the small street, asked for his photo to be taken.

baishizhou sidewalk portrait 2

This guy and I spoke the same language; humour. We all had fun with this shot. I think that they were laughing “together” with me, although it is quite possible some of their laughter was about this strange guy who takes photos wherever he goes. But that is okay, that happens to me in Canada a lot more than it does in China.

baishizhou sidewalk portrait 1

Sometimes when I walk through Shenzhen people notice my camera and ask me to take their picture, and of course I agree, todays shot is one of these photos. Other times people notice the camera and strike up a conversation about it in sign language (because I do not speak Mandarin) and I ask back in sign language if I can take a picture and most agree. So over the next few days I will post a few of these shots. The person in today's shot repairs shoes and other things in a local market.

breakfast art

In Cuba this is the art that was in the place I had breakfast each morning.