I was not sure what this t-shirt meant so I took a picture - still not entirely sure

police patrol

These officers have just been taking down signs that store owners placed illegally outside there stores. Understandable because in the run up to the Summer Universiade Games the government has invested millions renovating streets and storefronts so they want it to look nice.


On September 4, 1839 the people looked out of these windows of Dapeng Fortress to see five British naval vessels launching a surprise attack. So Chinese troops commandeered the in fishing boats and led by General Lai Enjue they defeated the British! Ha--you don't hear that history everyday--least it was not told to me when I was in the British Marines!

empty building

We noticed this empty building from the road in Shenzhen so we decided to explore. Thee were no signs saying "no entry," at least none that I could read. I think my scientist friend from Hong Kong could not understand the point especially as it was dangerous.. But every adventure requires a little danger.


This lady was trying to sell me a bracelet - only later did I realize she had been talking to me in English.

the green chapel

The gates to the Green Chapel where the Green Knight lives, as they are open I suspect Gawain is visiting.