bad wolf

I attended convocation today in downtown Hamilton. After the ceremony at the reception I was talking to “R” (a faculty member and fellow photographer) when I looked out of the window and saw this scene. Immediately I knew what it meant. I did not have my camera so I asked to R to borrow hers.

“What is it?” R asked as she handed me the camera.

“A message from the future,” I said, “and also a message from the past; the phrase “bad wolf” is a warning that has been scattered through time and through the universe.”

“Should we go?” R asked.

“Yes,” I said, “and quickly.”

We managed to get out of the building and we are safe for now, but the Daleks are close behind!

[to be cont...']


A one-hundred-year silver watch given to me by my mom. I like to look at it and wonder about the history these hands have wiped away.

morning dew

So busy grading papers I have had no time to post for the last few days. I took this shot a while ago - morning dew on a springtime leaf.

remembering spring

I took this shot last spring and post it because this morning I felt a chill in the air – and the other morning I noticed a white touch of frost had come down from the north to stain the pre-dawn roofs and car windows. The icy shroud sparkled and turned to mist as the rising sun wrested away its cold morning embrace. But it will come back soon to bite and will not let go until we are liberated by another spring.