still in egypt

I am still posting old shots from Egypt - have to get out and take some more up-to-date shots soon.

escape to egypt

With the word out that there was a newborn king in town Herod came looking. Not knowing who this king was Herod decided to take no chances – kill all the boys under the age of two was his command – that ought to do it! It would have if Jesus’ family had not escaped to Egypt.


The wise men, or Magi, did not really arrive for the birth of Jesus, it was much later when they arrived from the east. I am not sure they were that wise either because they spread news around Herod’s Jerusalem that they were looking for the king, and this king was not Herod! Well that was going to start trouble for sure!

Oh - and happy Christmas!

while shepherds watch

Historically the birth of Jesus never was this time of year, but if the Queen of England can have an “official birthday” on a date other than the date she was born, why not the "King of Kings." And besides, for me it is a nice time of year to think on those events. So in keeping with that tradition very soon some shepherds are in for a very big surprise. Oh and I took this shot in Egypt a couple of years back.

toronto traffic lights

Ah I am back - still swamped with work - but today I took this photo! Not sure if I will have time to shoot for a while but I will get back to posting from the archives.

happy birthday

Have one of these for me Daniel! Will be sharing one with you soon.