nice washroom

This washroom in China was in the middle of the forest miles from anywhere yet it was so nice! In fact it was so nice I har to take a picture of the hand basin.


I think this was the children's grandmother - she was happy for me to take photos - and I was happy to do so. This was taken in 2010. Next time I am in China I will see how these children have grown (and I will take a photo).

tim hortons

A break today at Tim Horton's on a bike ride with friends.

sorting grandmother's photos

Some old man
looking at me,
with watch chain,
hat, white colar and tie
with meaning faded
with time.

Is that my smile
looking at me?
Are you a one vanished great grandfather
from my mother’s side?

Is that a soldier’s stance looking at me?
I was a solder too, for a short while at least,
a dream followed because of you?

Or are you a stranger looking at me, some unknown man in an unknown print, somehow lost and misfiled a lifetime ago.