house of augustus

You think being one of Rome’s greatest emperors that Augustus could have got a better interior decorator. Seriously, the place is rather modest and the artwork was not so impressive.


There used to be laws stopping legionaries coming to Rome in uniform, these did not apply to the Praetorian Guard though. Now it seems like any old solder can do it, don’t know what the empire is coming to!

halloween at McMaster

And the moon rose over an open field


So I looked at the scenery, she read her magazine


"Toss me a cigarette, I think there's one in my raincoat" "We smoked the last one an hour ago"


"Be careful his bowtie is really a camera"

ancient sunglasses (bm)

Ancient art in the British Museum. I wish I had taken a photo of the label (I usually do) because I can't remember where this is from - other than it being very old.

british tourist

A British tourist - you can tell by the hat.


A pro-basketball player from Toronto I got talking to in Rome.

venus (british museum)

Still turning heads after all these years

pompeii pizza

Well not really pizza, bread, this is a 2000 year old bakery.