empty tomb

A shot I took in a Havana necropolis. These tombs, however, seem to have been robbed, unlike the one we think about today.

good friday

Even though I go to church I am not into religious imagery nor do I follow Catholicism, yet I could not resist posting this one from the archives for Good Friday, the dome of St. Peter's in Rome.

ottawa plane

mcmaster math cafe

The McMaster Math Cafe - where you always get the exact right change - but only after a long debate.


Another photo from the past - originally posted on December 9, 2009 on mykodachrome.
Lo Spinario or "boy with thorn" at Palazzo dei Conservatori, Musei Capitolini.

joe smith: where is he now?

A while ago I said that I was going to regularly post old photos and I have forgotten to do that — so here is one now.

I took this shot of "Joe Smith" in the early 1980s after we spent the night yomping (running) across Salisbury Plain in the rain (the things we did for fun in those days). "Smith" was not his real name but it was the only name he went by; Joe was a former SAS sergeant who had a hard time settling into civvie street after he left the service. I met Joe at Tower Hamlets Mission, a church we both attended in London’s East End, and as a former soldier myself Joe and I became good friends (hence yomping across Salisbury Plain at night!)

I last saw Joe in London during the later 1980s; he was with a group of several hundred protesters in Trafalgar Square making a full frontal assault on this South African High Commission in an attempt to bring down apartheid (happened a lot in those days). Shortly after that I left for Canada and never saw Joe again.

If anyone out there knows Joe, tell him that I won’t yomp across Salisbury Plain again, but wherever he is in the world right now I would like to come and buy him a beer, or two, or three. Give him my blog address and say "hi" from an old friend.


Yet another from the archives - a shot I took in England - a field that reminds me of Vincent

morning river

Another from the archives: Early morning on the River Li in northeastern Guangxi, China.


One from the archives - the Great Wall of China


Hamilton tombs.


Back door to Hamilton Sally-Ann, as seen yesterday.

c s lewis theme

Anyone else see a connection with C. S. Lewis here?

dundurn entrance

I have said it before and I will say it again - Dundurn Castle is hardly a castle - it is more like a small stately home. 

dundurn lady

A shot with the 20mm - a little blown out in places - should have shot in RAW.

20mm prime

Another equipment test, this is the Olympus PEN E-PL5 with a Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 prime, which is equivalent to a 40mm on a regular camera. Yesterday's shot was taken with this as will be shots over the next few days. The nice thing is that this is a "pancake" lens which means it is very flat, so fitted with this lens the camera fits neatly in a jacket pocket. In this test I focused on the duck's eye--the rest of the shot is supposed to look out-of-focus. details are as follows:1/500 sec, f/1.7, ISO 200.

sunday parking

A parking meter outside Philpott Church yesterday (Sunday).

morning papers

As seen yesterday morning at McMaster University.


Originally posted 2009 on mykodachrome. I took the picture in the Capitoline Museums in Rome.

olympus e-pl5

Those of you who know me will know what this picture means – new camera equipment – this is the standard image test I do for all new equipment. For some time I have found my DSLR gear too bulky and heavy to take everywhere. Also I find that the bulk makes my farming of shots less fluid and my approach less creative. Consequently, for some time I have been looking for a lighter alternative, but I have been unwilling to sacrifice the image quality (IQ) of a DSLR. Recently, however, Olympus have managed to get their “micro-four-thirds” (refers to sensor size) cameras to rival the DSLR IQ. Because of the small sensor – these bodies and lenses are very small. The first to do this (in my opinion) was the Olympus OM-D and now the PEN E-PL5 adopts the same sensor and technology in a camera that fits in a jacket pocket.

Today’s test image is okay – nothing special – but good enough for a cheap kit-lens. The camera comes into its own with prime lenses and also there are a couple of premium zooms that give stunning results. If I can get used to shooting with the E-PL5 over the next few days I will invest in a good prime and then later a good zoom. I have sold an old Nikon zoom lens - a 70-200 f/2.8 VRII - which will cover the cost of this new direction.

mild mannered james

Another post from the archives. This was James heading out on an evening in 2009 who knows where. I would never have guessed it would be China!

flower in birkenau

Originally posted in 2009, shot in Auschwitz-Birkenau.

back in the day

The day I finished basic training in the Royal Marines. The guy on the left is Major General Whiteley - he is giving me an award for the best score on the range – but I secretly suspect I got that high score because the bootneck (Marine) next to me on the range was such a bad shot he was missing his target and hitting mine!

warm ocean

I am still moving photos here from my other blog. This is another shot I decided not to backdate - posting it today instead - because I am wishing that I was far away sailing some a warm ocean. Originally shot in 2009 sailing single-handed across Lake Ontario.

uncooperative history

The meaning
Behind the eyes
And so with a
Fancy camera
I take this artsy photo
For my digital brain
And wonder
How histories
So effectively erased
Can gaze back
So defiantly
Refusing to tell
Not giving up
Not this time
Not even to a soldier
Who traded an iron gun
For a plastic camera
And gave up reconnaissance
For a tourist's gaze