olympus e-pl5

Those of you who know me will know what this picture means – new camera equipment – this is the standard image test I do for all new equipment. For some time I have found my DSLR gear too bulky and heavy to take everywhere. Also I find that the bulk makes my farming of shots less fluid and my approach less creative. Consequently, for some time I have been looking for a lighter alternative, but I have been unwilling to sacrifice the image quality (IQ) of a DSLR. Recently, however, Olympus have managed to get their “micro-four-thirds” (refers to sensor size) cameras to rival the DSLR IQ. Because of the small sensor – these bodies and lenses are very small. The first to do this (in my opinion) was the Olympus OM-D and now the PEN E-PL5 adopts the same sensor and technology in a camera that fits in a jacket pocket.

Today’s test image is okay – nothing special – but good enough for a cheap kit-lens. The camera comes into its own with prime lenses and also there are a couple of premium zooms that give stunning results. If I can get used to shooting with the E-PL5 over the next few days I will invest in a good prime and then later a good zoom. I have sold an old Nikon zoom lens - a 70-200 f/2.8 VRII - which will cover the cost of this new direction.


Michael UK said...

I wouldn't have today bought a 50mm 1.8G if I'd known your "old" gear might be on the market!!
Have just returned from Hong Kong, where I was surprised how expensive the nikon gear was - dearer in all except one "shop" than in the UK. The "cheap" one had a display 50mm, but I would have had to wait while they obtained (made?) one for sale.

Anonymous said...

Hi Michael: Yes HK is not so cheap on some types of electronics. I do still have Nikon gear too and the 50mm 1.8G is one of my favorites. I only sold the 70-200mm (which is great but so heavy I was not taking ti places anymore) and also an 80mm 1.8D (which is not so great on the D800).