old friend

Another from the archive, this is the same person I posted a shot of a couple of days ago but the span between that first photo and this one was almost two years.

As usual, when I take someones photo, I print the shot in Canada and given them the print next time I return to China. But when I returned this chap was not there, and the next time I returned he was not there either, I searched the market and asked around and people said maybe he had died. But he had not because he eventually he came back to the market and Daniel was able to give him the copy of his photo on my behalf. The next time I arrived in China I went to the market and saw him and without saying words we exchanged smiles. I gestured to my camera looking for permission to take another photo, he nodded, and I took this shot and left until the next time.

I don’t think people have to speak the same language to be friends.

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