the lion sleeps tonight

I got news from Hong Kong that Momo (shown above) passed away of old age this weekend. I did not talk much to Momo because I don't speak Cantonese, but despite our language differences we did undersand each other, and I could tell by the regal way Momo acted that in he had been a great lion in a previous life. I like to think that he is now - somewhere - that great lion once again. Bye Momo you will be missed.


Anonymous said...

Sad.. I have a similar cat, luobo, in BJ, ans she's 16 yrs old now..rrz

CL said...

Thanks for posting my cat's picture in your blog for memory.
Momo did have a “lion haircut” in February just by coincidence, about 1.5 months before his life ended. But the “lion haircut” didn't suit him well, especially when he was already very skinny at that time.