dreams of the sea

A shot of the archives - me sailing single handed home to harbour - taken at the close of Ontario's sailing season. I miss my boat!

bronze cowgirl

As seen at Congress 2013 held at the University of Victoria.

the game

As seen in a Victoria, BC store window.

street corner society

Reminded me of the classical work by Whyte from the classical Chicago School.

fishing for dimes

Met these Ontario folks singing songs and fishing for a few bucks on the streets of Victoria. I chatted for a while and they said I could take their photo. Wishing them a good summer on the West Coast.

hamilton tree episode seven

I have not been to visit the "Hamilton Tree" for a while, so yesterday paid a visit to say "hello." Click the link below to see previous visits.

first people's house

Inside the First People's House at the University of Victoria.

backstreet photography

As seen in Fan-Tan Ally (lane), Victoria, British Columbia.

selling feathers

Selling feathers (taken with permission).

kilroy corner

I was here - I am not anymore - but pictures to follow.


A shot of summer Chicago from the archives.

bygone bombardieri

Bygone Bombardieri of Barton Street (I think it used to be a school uniform shop).

natural cover

A photo from the archives: A Tactical Rescue Unit (T.R.U.) officer uses a building for cover in a recent police training exercise. Originally posted June 30, 2007.