back from the DPRK

guyana contingent

Just a few of the Guyana contingent visiting Cuba earlier this year.

cooling off

This shot was from a few years back in Ontario. If you look closely, you can see people behind the falls, a really cool spot!


Daniel's friend Brandy (centre left) leads a song at popular nightspot at Shenzhen OCT.

the game continues

Took a similar shot a few weeks back - interesting game.


Me - hanging out in China - taken a few days back.


James at Daniel's apartment.


Cold ice-cream on a very hot day.

holiday view

I am not really on holiday in China I am working on course outlines and writing - but I do get some days off - and when I do this is the view I long for. As seen a couple of weeks ago by the pool in Xiamen.

laughter at the mountain top

Sometimes it is hard being English because everyone laughs when you wear socks and sandals.

mountain path

Mountain path in Xiamen.

enjoying the pool

A self portrait at the pool.

best pool ever

This was the best pool ever - swam here a lot - in Xiamen.

cool looks on a hot day

As seen on a boat in Xiamen.

sidewalk romance

To me Xiamen seemed to be a romantic and relaxing place - I am not alone in that thought because it is a place that many newlyweds go - and to make my point here is an impromptu shot I took walking down a busy street one evening.

heads I do

This is supposed to make you want to get your haircut here - but not me!