sidewalk romance

To me Xiamen seemed to be a romantic and relaxing place - I am not alone in that thought because it is a place that many newlyweds go - and to make my point here is an impromptu shot I took walking down a busy street one evening.

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CL said...

Xiamen (old name "Amoy") was one of the 5 ports on the China coast the British requested China (Qing Dynasty Government) to open for trade in 1842 in the Nanking Treaty after the First Opium War, together with many other terms, of the them being the cessation of the Hong Kong Island to the British.

It was also the first mainland port to resume direct shipment of cargo with Taiwan, probably since 2008, or a little earlier in the 2000's, after the re-establishment of the "3 links" (postal, transportation, and trade) between mainland China and Taiwan.