negotiation table

The room where the Korean War ceasefire was negotiated exactly as it was back in the day. Daniel is sitting in the seat that American Vice Admiral Charles Turner Joy likely sat in.

here's looking at you kid

Camera's and listening devises on the American side of the DMZ taking my photo and recording my words as I talk with the DPRK Colonel on the North side.

George Aug 9, 2003 - Aug 12, 2013

A photo of George in his healthier days - you will be missed.

DMZ (looking south)

The DMZ (demilitarized zone) from the "wrong" side (north looking south). So this is looking from the North Korean side at the American/UN building on the south side. A place that is said to be the most dangerous place in the world! more information

lieutenant colonel (dprk)

A North Korean Chungjwa (Lieutenant Colonel) briefs us before going into the DMZ

early morning

Early morning - waiting to go to the DMZ

small courtyard

The outside view of the room in yesterday's photo - a really nice place to stay.


This is where I stayed in the DPRK just north of the DMZ.

monumental monuments

Soviet influenced monuments in the DPRK.


Having a beer with a couple of Scottish guys in the DPRK while being watched by one of our government minders.