a boys dream

Imagine a hat with wings
In which I could fly
Up to the chimneys
Into the sky
Across mountains
Over the sea
Into green jungles
To find other flying hat boys like me

We'd make a gang
We'd all belong
Buzzing through treetops
Getting along
Skimming the rivers
Making up rhymes
About flying hat boys
Having good times

Imagine the stars
To which we'd fly
Up past the moon
Higher than high
Way past the planets
Beyond what we know
Because there is nowhere
Flying hat boys can't go

So if one day I am missing
Suddenly am gone
And in the distance you hear
A rhyming hat boy song
Don't wait up
I might be a while
Flying across the universe
In hat boy style

even more cuban dance

I have talked before about how burlesque the evening entertainment was in Cuba. Never-the-less it was what it was, and so I took photos: I think the monochrome treatment, the added photographic grain, the contrast and the literal curves in this shot, more-or-less capture the atmosphere in that moment.

departing pyongyang

Waiting for the train out of Pyongyang.

old chinatown store

As seen in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

the history of rome

Another shot reposted from the archives.For anyone interested in this history I highly recommend "The History of Rome" website where you can get free weekly podcasts telling Rome’s history from the time Aeneas arrives (episode one) right up to this week’s episode on Titus (week 74) with many more weeks to come! Better still if you have iTunes and an MP3 player go to the iTunes store and search for “The History of Rome” and that automates the whole process (although you will not get the very early episodes there).
To make it easy – click here to listen to an episode on Julius Caesar – and for sure you will be hooked and there will be no turning back. Anyway – enjoy!

put the "aid" back

Yesterday's rally at Hamilton Children's Aid Society regarding budget cuts. 

my thoughts exactly!

A shot from a rally this morning at Hamilton Children's Aid Society protesting government cuts to CAS budgets. Well I guess that with the Gas Plant fiasco the government needs to find funds from somewhere to pay for its own financial mismanagement, and it seems that they have decided to do this in part by cutting essential services to children and families in one of Canada's poorest cities! I don't often get annoyed - but I am becoming  increasingly annoyed with this government - the time has come to demand more from our politicians!


Jasmine after the green smoothie.

sgt singapore

On the trip to DPRK we were called by the nations we came from and the occupations we have or once had - hence this is Army Sgt. Singapore.

the castle

As seen on a Victoria, BC street this summer.


I was at Six Nations Reserve last summer and noticed this figure outside a store - he looks Lakota to me  - he must be visiting Haudenosaunee territory.

back again (episode eight)

I have not posted for ages! Back again now though and will try to get back into the routine. I thought it good to start with a familiar shot - this is the Hamilton Tree - took this one back in 2009 and never posted it. So I thought today would be an especially good day to put it online. Enjoy :-)