spirit of christmas

I guess he is off now for the season - but like all Narnians - I will keep the spirit of Christmas alive in my heart until we see him again.

dreams of long ago

On Boxing-day I had a nice meal with family at a retirement residence restaurant. In the entrance artwork by residents was displayed and I came across this painting. The painting reminded me of childhood summers - of standing on the beginning edge of life - of wondering at the marvel of the world and contemplating things yet to come. A work painted by a person with a hand now frail, but a mind that remembered this moment as if it were only yesterday. And maybe for the artist this moment was just yesterday, perhaps that is the secret of life, to embrace every new day as if the world has just begun.

my grandmother is cooler than yours

I did not take this shot, but I like it; taken recently in Hong Kong when Daniel was visited by his grandmother.

winter tears

As seen in a Hamilton Military Cemetery: Winter tears for soldiers who will never be home for Christmas (give them a thought today).

winter bridge

As seen yesterday: View from a winter railway bridge in Hamilton.

icy roads

As seen today on the outskirts of Hamilton.


Snowing in Burlington - cleared the driveway twice already - should have gone to Australia when I had the chance!

photos by a 2-year old

Declan, who is two-years old and lives in Hong Kong, was given a toy digital camera to take his own photographs. So what does a 2-year-old take photos of? Well apparently; his foot, great-grandma on a bus, mom, great-grandma again, family, dad on a bus, shoes outside the apartment, mom, mom again, great grandma, a friend, mom, dad,& toy car, and dad driving.

I love the pictures, but they made me feel a little sad too, because the toy camera gives them that "look from the past" feel of my childhood photos, which I have carefully stored in old shoeboxes. So Declan's photos make it easy to imagine a time when he is grown and his grandchildren rummage through his old shoeboxes - to find us and our the world in the only place we will exist in those days - on fading photographs.

red on grey

As seen on a grey rainy day in Pyongyang.

pyongyang guide

I was lucky in Pyongyang, because artist, journalist and fellow photographer Nancy Pellegrini, was working as one of the Western guides.

pyongyang subway riders

Daniel "Canada" and "Singapore" on the Pyongyang Subway.