photos by a 2-year old

Declan, who is two-years old and lives in Hong Kong, was given a toy digital camera to take his own photographs. So what does a 2-year-old take photos of? Well apparently; his foot, great-grandma on a bus, mom, great-grandma again, family, dad on a bus, shoes outside the apartment, mom, mom again, great grandma, a friend, mom, dad,& toy car, and dad driving.

I love the pictures, but they made me feel a little sad too, because the toy camera gives them that "look from the past" feel of my childhood photos, which I have carefully stored in old shoeboxes. So Declan's photos make it easy to imagine a time when he is grown and his grandchildren rummage through his old shoeboxes - to find us and our the world in the only place we will exist in those days - on fading photographs.

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