pyongyang bar

Another photo from the DPRK.

happy new year

Created with Photoshop - Happy New Year!

goodmorning toronto

Have not posted for a few days - but today I got a chance to take some photos in Toronto - on what was an exceptionally nice morning.


"Hello" from a little known world: A wave from a girl on a Pyongyang apartment balcony.

pyongyang at night

Pyongyang at night - and yes the lights are on!

urbanicity (whatever that is)

A newspaper; as seen last night at McMaster.


Wake me up before you go go, take me dancing tonight...

odd photography

 Mirror, mirror on the ceiling, who is the most odd photographer of all?


Today at church the sermon was on "Liturgy." My church is non-liturgical but never-the-less it does have its own customs and ways of doing things. In fact we are all like that - we have things we do regularly that keep us grounded - and with that in mind on the way home from church I stopped at Dundurn Castle to a photo of the "Hamilton Bench" (follow the link below for the full liturgy).

field in north korea

Posting photos from the archive - as seen in the DPRK - last summer.


Too cold to go out and take photos, so I am stuck at home with these elephants.