One of my pictures - a shot of Sharmeen put up outside Philpott Church years ago - and still bringing hope.

flagship gallery

At in the window of the Flagship Gallery at 237 James Street where some of the TrueCity breakout sessions were held.


A shot that reminds me of Vincent - taken a few years ago in England.

On a separate note, I have almost moved all my photos over to Blogger from Bluehost where I used Pixelpost for my images. So now, 10-years of photos are all here and their postings are backdated to their original posting dates. In a couple of weeks my hosting at the other site runs out and I will not renew, but I will keep the domain name.

Before I leave the other site, however, I will do a back up, so I can restore it if ever I want to.

leanne friesen

Pastor Leanne Friesen, of Mount Hamilton Baptist Church, telling tales of two kingdoms at TrueCity, linking peoples experience and feelings from stories told 2500-years ago to things many of us feel today.


I went to a meeting in Hamilton the other day at the HCCI, and Mandela was there, well his pictures was, and also his spirit.

dprk street corner

Early morning street corner in a small town just north of the Korean DMZ.

baishizhou police

I did not take these shots - but I thought I would post them anyway - Daniel helping the local police in Shenzhen. Will be seeing you soon Daniel.

PS. For those who may not realize - Daniel is joking - and the guy in the brown leather jacket is actually a police officer.

seven day fool

A photo from a few years ago - Jully Black - who could easily turn me into a seven day fool!


A few years back - a selfie with a remote - as I practice for a lecture in Chicago.


Taken yesterday on a cold Canadian February morning.

chicago subway

A shot from a few years ago in Chicago.

pyongyang library

A library in the DPRK.

morning flight

A fellow photographer taking a shot of Lake Ontario.