cool beer - happy bithday dad

Today is, my dad's birthday, or would have been if he were still with us. He has been gone now for almost 30 years, but I like to think of him somewhere out there still sailing the sea. Happy birthday dad - I'll have a beer for you - and still look out for you across the ocean.

crossing the essequibo

Taking the coconuts back across the Essequibo to Leguan Island.

fruity fish market

As seen on James Street North, Hamilton.

tree climber

Back to old photos from Guyana, climbing a tree on Wakenaam Island for coconuts.

hamilton ice

A recent photo from Hamilton.

birthday hat

Not sure why the staff in this restaurant put a hat on person they sing "happy birthday" to,but Josh endured it well.

happy 18th birtday JR

JR yesterday on his 18th birthday party in Scarborough with one of his uncles. Happy birthday J, wishing you a good first year ahead at University! (PS take the place Mac Humanities offered!)

parika stelling

Back to the old photos from Guyana; a shot of Parika Stelling from the 1980s.

abandoned motel

An abandoned motel - I came across this a few months ago - kind of a sad place that must have been vibrant many years ago.

diamond of joy

A rum shop in Bartica, Guyana, shot in the 1980s.

the horse & rum shop

Going through the archives and I came across this shot of me in Guyana. The horse had been used to pulling a dray cart and had never been ridden before, but he soon got the hang of it, so I rode him around Leguan Island for a while.

Things went well until something startled the horse, probably a snake, and the horse bolted with me on his back, for the place he knew best, which was the local rum shop where his master spent most afternoons. Guyanese rum shops are a bit like the saloons one sees in old westerns, they are made of wood, they have swing doors on the outside, and hard men drinking even harder liquor on the inside. Not content to stop outside, the horse galloped through the doors and burst into the saloon where he ran amok looking for his master with me still hanging on the best I could! Tables were turned over, chairs broken, good liquor spilt, and tough men jumped out of windows to save their lives. Eventually I got the horse under control and tied him to the rail outside, and went back into the bar to order myself a well deserved rum! Fortunately, the guys in the bar thought it was all quite funny so we enjoyed an afternoon of laughs and rum. I am now told that even to this day some of the old guys from Leguan Island Backpart still tell this story and laugh - I do too - and one day I will go back to that rum shop - without the horse.


One from the archives, taken last year, an empty street in early morning Kaesŏng (개성, 開城) in the DPRK.
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photos from the shadows

I was talking with this other photographer about how bad the light was, not just getting enough light, but also getting the right white balance. I expect he was smarter than me and used a grey card and perhaps shot in RAW, I shot in JPG and they were so far off I could not fix them, which is why so many are converted to monochrome.

honda dream

Remembering my old Honda from the 1980s.

same place different photographers

I was exploring Phil Maxwell's photographs of London's East End because - not only are they excellent - but because he includes photographs from the early 1980s when I lived in the area. I then came across these photos (LINK) on his site, and realized we had photographed at the exact same abandoned building over 30-years ago! Below are a few from my series at that place, I would have taken these in around 1982 or 1983.

spoken word

More scenes from "Rock Our Souls" at McMaster.

more from "rock our souls"

More performers at "Rock Our Souls"held at McMaster on March 7, 2014, what a great evening!

kojo easy damptey

Kojo Easy Damptey "rocking our souls" at a recent McMaster event.


As seen in Hamilton.

the long wait

I took this shot today. I drive past here a couple of times a year - in the distance if you look carefully you can see a boat - built by someone waiting for the rain. You can see a previous photo of it here

home sky

Looking up at the front of my house.

cold parking

As seen in Hamilton.

roll up the rim

Roll-up-the-rim - to play again - please.

night drive selfie

A selfie of sorts, while driving at night.