police action

Kong Kong police watching and photographing the refugee protest at Central.

the one and only

Just the silhouette tells you who it is!

conference keynote

Another scene from the Hong Kong conference. It was held at Hong Kong Baptist University - such a nice place - I hope to go back there again and maybe collaborate with them in some way.

conference workshop

Just to remind you that it was not all play in Hong Kong, a scene from one of the workshops.. Mind you, I was probably daydreaming of pirates.

steamer on the essequibo

A steamer arriving at Parika Stelling on the Essequibo River in Guyana in 1980. Okay I know it does not run on steam, but sounds better than calling it a dieseler.

supermodel of shing wong

There was a fashion photo-shoot in Central so I took a few photos too.

shing wong graffiti

The area around Shing Wong in Central has really interesting graffiti - or maybe "street art" is a better description.

left on shing wong

As a writer, when in Hong Kong, I had to go to Shing Wong for inspiration.

old idea come true

An old idea from Mao's day, the need to catch up and pass America, something that is coming true.

antiques for sale

Antiques from Chairman Mao's day on sale in Central.

april 12

A good day to see Hong Kong

global social science registration

Registration at the Hong Kong Global Social Sciences 2014 Conference.

schooldays in kowloon tong

Collecting DD from school at Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong.

newfoundlers in china

Hanging out with some family friends in Shenzhen last weekend, these are great dogs, they are Newfoundlanders, the family also has a pet cow too, but she is not allowed in the kitchen.


Another shot of DD from when I arrived in Shenzhen.

washing day in baishizhou

street corner baishizhou

Visiting old friends in Baishizhou (Shenzhen) with DD interpreting for me. Heading back to Hong Kong tonight, where DD goes to school, and I have to go to a social work conference.

palm hotel

The last of the old Guyana photos for now; hanging out in the Palm Hotel, Georgetown, Guyana in the 1980s.

hamilton school

This Hamilton school looks a bit like a prison.

chess game

Playing chess with a Andre in New Amsterdam in the 1980s  - I tell you every single time this kid beat me - I think he lives in Ottawa now where I am sure he is doing something really clever.


Another from the old Guyana photos I have been posting recently. A shot of me waiting for a steamer at Fort Island on the Essequibo, where I'm heading up to Bartica and then on foot overland to try to find Matilda, who took me money and run a-Venezuela.

Update April 3, 2014: Just in case you did not get the above, it was posted on April 1st, so although the photo is taken not far from Venezuela, the part about Matilda stealing my money and running there was a joke based on the line from a song (see link below). Think about it--has to be a joke--because the song is so famous that when Matilda asked me for me money there was no way I was going to give it because I knew what she was going to do :-)

Enjoy the song

Sing to me Harry