dancer reimagined

Sculpture outside the Royal Botanical Gardens in Hamilton reimagined.

dundurn winter reimagined

photo art

More experimenting moving away from "photographic" images and more to a form of impression left by scenes.

man and barrow in baishizhou

Two of my sons lived in Baishizhou for several years and I visited often, even now we return there to stay in touch with friends.

Baishizhou is a farming village swallowed over the past 30-years by the metropolis of Shenzhen. It remains, however, village-like in many ways.

The word is that over the next few years Baishizhou will be redeveloped, and so it should because many of the buildings are rundown, but I hope the redevelopment it does not gentrify rental prices and drive out the working people who live there.

I have photographed the community for the last seven years, this is one of those photos. Click the Baishizhou link for more, and check back often because I have hundreds more to post over time, and I will continue my visits and I will continue to document the vanishing village into the foreseeable future.

fresh fish in baishizhou

hotel in field of mud

The fancy hotel was relatively new, so it was surrounded by a field of mud, but that did not detract from its fanciness.

ocean theme

The hotel certainly had an ocean theme.

grandfather and son

A street scene of a grandfather and grandson.

hotel check in

Checking in to a very fancy hotel close to Ocean Kingdom, Zhuhai, Guangdong, China