Parthenon, Athens, as seen today.

today's plan

The best plans are made over breakfast.


Temple of Olympian Zeus, in Athens, as seen today.

selfie me

For so long I have wanted to walk on this particular street in Ephesus, so has to be worth a selfie!

library of celsus again

Library of Celsus from under the Gate of Macaeus and Mithridates, Ephesus.

going to the library

Library of Celsus as seen from under the Gate of Macaeus and Mithridates, Ephesus.

a feel for history

Visited Ephesus this week, where like me, everyone has cameras. But just down the street from here a blind man was being led by his son. I watched how the son would tell the man what building or street they were at, the man would stand for a while taking in that place, and then move on to another place. I began to wonder how much I miss understanding about the world because I am so visual. So I sat for a while not looking but just listening and feeling, and I heard Herostratus, Alexander the Great, Mark Anthony, Cleopatra, the Roman Emperors Trajan, Hadrian, Mary, the Apostle's John and Paul, and Elton John go by! And at some at some point in the history of this street all of them did just that, they all walked by this very spot.

same old gate

Every time I go to England to see my mom I visit this church and take a picture of this same old gate.


Undoubtedly the best burgers in Berlin!



When packing kit there is always compromise. The first picture was the plan; gear to wear traveling on the right, gear to pack on the left, but far too ambitious! Change of plan, have to do more dhobi on route than I wanted; belay several undies, one linin shirt and three Ranger-Rolled t-shirts and a few pair of socks, take a chance on weather and also hold off on the Gore-Tex rain gear. Now it all fits, still need to stow first-aid kit (antibiotics, dressings, suture, tummy trouble stuff and so on), print hard copies of all the electronic maps and tickets. May need a woolypully, then good to go.