old church

I know it is more than an "old church," it is actually a very historic place where some significant things happened. But I found it hard (but not impossible) to get back that history. Indeed, people in power trod down a poor carpenter and a few down here fishermen down in this place, and now people in power plant a great building here that they fill with pomp and circumstance. To me it seems that it kind of misses the Pont of what occurred. Never-the-less, it was an interesting building.

western wall

As seen in Jerusalem one-year ago today.

old city selfie

A selfie in the Old City of Jerusalem

mil mi-8 hip

As seen on the fuselage of an abandoned Soviet helicopter.


My dad on his Triumph Thunderbird 6T long before I was born

community corner

I have known the people who run this corner shop for 8-years, when I am in Shenzhen I always hang out here with them.

the singer

Some more pictures from CNY 2016

forest trail

As seen at Bronte Creek

abandoned jeep

An abandoned jeep - as seen in the Golan Heights last year.

naked sales

Somewhere in Athens last year.


As seen at Bronte Farm


A deer, as seen in Bronte Creek, Canada.

red coat

I have not posted for a long time - posting again now - starting with some from last CNY.

face on a wall

More wall art in Berlin.

psychedelic pose

As seen at the Berlin Wall

ancient ocean view

Looking out to sea from Caesarea.

psychedelic selfie

As seen at the Berlin Wall

hamilton tree episode 11

I have been visiting and photographing this tree on the edge of Lake Ontario for almost 10-years. If you look closely at each image (click the Hamilton tree link label below), you will notice that right down to the individual twigs, it remains the same.

The other thing you notice, if you look for long enough, is that the tree is dancing. Not a big stomping dance like humans do, trees have not done that kind of dancing since the days of Ents, but a gentle hardly moving standing still dance. You can see the dance in the angle of the twigs and the tilt of the branches, and if you were to listen hard enough you would hear the tree's song of rustle of the leaves.

My dad once told me that trees have memories and are empathetic (can sense our feelings). "Visit a tree often enough," he said," and it will remember you. Sit under a tree for a while, and it will sense your dreams, your hopes and your fears." He also said, "some trees are natural healers and others are not. So if you are going to sit under a tree make sure it is the healing kind." The tree in the photo is a healing tree, you can tell by its dance and its smile.

There is an old English legend that trees base their dance on the dreams of people they know. Trees never forget you once they know you, so even years later if you pass by a tree that you once knew, all your old dreams and thoughts will be in the shape of its dance. In that moment you may not notice that the tree is dancing for you but you will feel it, and if is a healing tree (like the one in this photo) you will intuitively feel happy, because with the tilt of every twig and rustle of every leaf will be a soft reminder of something about you that is good and lovely.

nice ride

As seen at Port Dover