good friday

Today is Good Friday which is making me remember my trip to Jerusalem last October. I focused on photography rather than video when there, but had my GoPro on my backpack strap and running some of the time, so I have cut some of this rough footage into a short video.

Some things to look for in the video that you may find interesting.

Some of the stations of the cross are woven into the video, I have not singled these out and I did not video them all because the stations were likely not the route Jesus took all those years ago this very Friday.

Soldiers on the street, soldiers would have wandered these same streets in the same way on the original Good Friday, of course they would have had Gladius' and armour not M16s and flak jackets, but they were soldiers none-the-less, so the scene may have been similar.

The church floor carving, this was carved by Roman soldiers for playing dice, of course the church was not there back in the day, but that paving stone was.

Finally, the video ends in a school courtyard. This school is not open to the public but we got in. The buildings have all changed, but this is said to be the location where Jesus was dragged before Pilate for trial. Whether this is the real historic location I am not sure, but I could not help think of Pilate saying from the balcony, "Ecce homo!" (behold the man).

No need for me to tell you the rest of that story, because you know how it all ends. So with all that bad stuff going on why do we call it "Good Friday? Excellent question!

Well that is it for now for this post... I would wish you a "happy Good Friday" but I have never felt the term "happy" was quite right for this day. But "happy" does come soon though, along with good, we just have to wait a couple of days.

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