today's ride

Today's ride to church, listening to Larry Norman, and taking the long way home with an off road excursion by the railway tracks.

follow the leaders

As seen in front of yesterday's post of the Brezhnev Honecker kiss.

the brezhnev honecker kiss

The painting "My God, Help Me to Survive This Deadly Love" on the Berlin wall. More information here HERE

guess the library

This is the view looking up in a library I spent time working in last fall. I took my laptop, sat in this spot, and worked away. The tag below gives a clue to where it is. Quite the experience...  

exploring angkor wat

J & M exploring Angkor Wat

bro ok lyn

As seen on the Berlin subway. Of all photography, street photography is my favourite. A fleeting moment of light, shadow and colour from everyday life. Is some respects it is a bit like Impressionism, of course it doesn't look like an impressionist painting because photography has a realism about it, but the other principles are the same.

today's ride

Good weather again, so I fired up the CB500X and took her for a run.

flughafen berlin-tempelhof

Me on an old airport runway in Berlin

fe sahetek

Another photo from the welcomeing refugees event in Berlin last fall.

gates of megiddo

I didn't plan to go to Megiddo, but I was driving by and I popped in. It was also an important visit too, a month earlier in September 2015 I had visited the Gallipoli beach where my grandfather started out WWI in 1915, a couple of years later Megiddo was the place he fought his last battle of that war.

A video of the visit to the beach where my grandfather started out the war can be seen HERE

into the light

Another shot from Angkor Wat.

the right moves

As seen in Hong Kong

let the people dance

The photograph above is another shot from the event I attended in Berlin to welcome refugees in the Fall.

After the event I visited the Berlin Jewish Museum and came across the picture (on the left) of Jewish people dancing on a ship as they escaped Hitler in the 1930s. A different people, a different time, but the same dance. Other things are the same too, today we have the same opposition to refugees as we had back in the 1930s and 1940s, and we know how that turned out, but seems that many have forgot.

I think we all need to say "refugees are welcome here,"Canada is doing some but could do more. For goodness sake, open borders, let people dance, just like I saw in Berlin #RefugeesWelcomeHere #RefugeesWelcome.

beyond the peak

A building at The Peak in Hong Kong I took on a misty day in February (2016). Normally I look down from the Peak onto the city, but the mist meant that there was no view, so I looked up and it was worth it, I got this photo.

masada panorama

As seen October 13, 2015

refugees welcome here

Welcoming refugees in Berlin, shot in the Fall 2015.

old memories

An old oppo (fellow Marine) sent me this old photo. Gosh is seems like yesterday. Wish I could do it all again. I am on the far right front (bottom) row.

I found the video below of a troop in training doing the exact same thing today we did back in the day, in the same places too. You can see them progressing toward the final commando tests, getting faster and more confident through the training.

So many memories from the photo above, feeling quite nostalgic! In the end I decided to not make a long term career of the military, for me that was a good decision no regrets, but I would not give up those days in the marines for anything. I still have some of the best oppos ever even after all these years.


A scene from Masada - shot October 13, 2015. Wish you could have come too, below is a virtual guide so you can also visit.