wide angle

I just took another step away from DSLR systems and even more into micro 4/3rds, I got an 7-14 f/2.8 Zuiko Pro lens for my Olympus E-M5II. As you can see it is pretty wide! It is equivalent to 14-28 on a regular 35mm camera. I took a walk around campus to test it, and so far I am pretty happy with it.

the leap

Still scanning old photos and came across this from the 1980s


As seen in Jerusalem last year; maybe a great granddaughter of Anna..

friends doing dishes

Still sorting through old photos, this one was in London's East End in my student days, friends Mark Elliot and Mark Womersley, we are doing dishes after dinner at Jan Cash's. I wonder where they all are now? Oh and don't play rugby against either of these Marks, especially the one on the right!


I think his name was Todd, or at least that was the name of the smiffy, taken somewhere in Essex in the early 1980s.

ahoy there!

Somewhere on the Cornish coast many years ago

king of the castle

Another old photo - from way back - when I was king of the castle! (okay I know it is a pretty old castle and nobody else wanted it, but I was king for a moment, at least)